CE Applications & Guidelines

LPCA is a recognized professional association that has been authorized by the GA Composite Board of Professional Counselors, Social Workers, and Marriage and Family Therapists (Rule 135-9) to approve Continuing Education (CE) hours for clinical workshops. LPCA approval indicates that the CE workshop content & presenter qualifications meet or exceed the requirements set by the GA Composite Board.


Diagnosis Training Program Guidelines

This training program is specialized to meet the requirements of the new law. Read more...

Diagnose CE Curriculum Guidelines for this training program are extensive. Please read carefully.

You may email the CE Committee for more details LPCAContinuingEducation@gmail.com

 Diagnose Curriculum CE Application CLICK HERE



CE Guidelines for Providers
CE Guidelines for MEMBERS ONLY Credit Approval

Application Guidelines *READ FIRST*

Online CE Application CLICK HERE* 

*Invoice will automatically be created upon completion.

Application Guidelines *READ FIRST*

Members Only App CLICK HERE*

*Invoice will automatically be created upon completion.

Who is Qualified to be a Presenter?

A licensed, certified, or otherwise qualified professional

Proof of expertise in the subject being presented can be shown in the following ways:

    • CV, resume, or short biography depicting professional experience
    • List of academic or CE training
    • Awards/recognition of experience

Who can submit an Application for CE Credit Approval?

The Members Only Application is an exclusive benefit for current LPCA members!

Plan to attend or have attended a CE Workshop that meets that GA Composite Board Standards for CEs but does not have a formal CE approval?  This simple one page form is for you!

NOTE: Reviews are conducted for each application and approval is not guaranteed. 

What is included in the CE Application?


Click Here for Application Guidelines



What is included in the Members Only Application?


Click Here for Application Guidelines



For Word Doc or PDF submissions ONLY 

 Requirements based on CE Type:

ETHICS: Must reference ethics codes/guidelines from ACA, AMHCA, GA Composite Board, and/or NBCC

TELEMENTAL HEALTH: Must reference GA Composite Board Rule 135-11. Presenters must display extensive TMH training in CV/resume/bio.

SUPERVISION: Must reference CPCS Code of Ethics and ethics codes/guidelines from ACA, AMHCA, GA Composite Board, and/or NBCC. Also, identify specific supervision content area (i.e. legal/ethical, foundations, methods, specialized/advanced).

NOTE: Until the GA Composite Board decides, webinars are NOT considered “in-person” training.


ONLY LPCA Approved CE workshops requesting advertising are listed on the Website/Newsletter

NON-APPROVED TOPICSYoga, enneagram, Reiki, retreats, or content not counseling/clinical in nature.


LPCA will waive the fee for your first post-approval credit application.

Please allow 7-10 business days for COMPLETED applications to be reviewed and processed.
No refunds will be given for cancellations (see Refund Policy)

 Please remember, we don't make the rules, we just follow them. We appreciate your cooperation.

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