Legislative Update

LPCs, thanks to LPCA you now have PARITY so you can continue to accept insurance and practice. 

FEBRUARY 2018:  READ the proposed Law:  Senate Bill "SB 352 substitute"  This effects YOU.  Click Here

We need your thoughts on how this effects you and work CLICK HERE 

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READ THE NEW LAW, Senate Bill 319 CLICK HERE or use this link:  


The Open Path Psychotherapy Collective Fund connects clinicians to individuals and families searching for affordable mental health care.

Featured Fund of the Week 

Many people in need of mental health care earn too much to qualify for government assistance and too little to afford a weekly or even every-other-week session with a qualified psychotherapist, psychologist, or social worker*. Almost two-thirds of those seeking mental health care have difficulty accessing it, and 45% of this group cite cost as a barrier, yet 90% of people with access to psychotherapeutic treatment report significant long-term improvements. Open Path is here to help. | Read more

*Research has not caught up with Licensed Professional Counselors and the service they provide due LPCs not being included in Medicare. (from the AMHCA)

 LICENSING BOARD:  The Georgia Composite Board of PC, SW, MFT:  To read the Board meetings use this LINK Click HERE

Note about the meeting:  September 8, starting at 11:00 am

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