CPCS Re-certification 

The Re-certification deadline for 2016 has closed.  

If you did not get re-certified by March 31, 2017, you will have to re-apply to be a CPCS.

The next re-certification cycle is October 1, 2016 -- September 30, 2018.

(EVEN YEARS, just like your LPC license)

 Re-certification Requirements

Re-certification Application Fee:

  • Recertification is every two years:  DUE by September 30 of even years (2016, 2018, 2020).
  • Late Fee - $25.00 (if submitted Oct. 1 - Dec. 31,2018)
  • Reinstatement Fee:
    • The new Licensing Board rule requiring a CPCS or ACS begins on Oct. 1, 2018
    • THERE IS NO GRANDFATHERING IN.  Everyone will have to comply with the new rule October 1, 2018 (including more supervision hours)
    • Once your certification has expired and the Late Period has passed (Dec. 31, 2018) you will have to reapply and complete a new CPCS application.

 Annual Maintenance Fee:

    • Current Clinical Member of LPCA -- Annual Maintenance fee included in Clinical Membership.
    • Non-Member -- $75.00 per year (Fees can be paid online, Click Here! or Click on the Membership tab) 

 Current GA LPC License:

  •  Provide a copy of your current license that displays "Public Board Orders" (not the wallet card or wall certificate). 

 Renewal Options:

  • Option A:
    • 12 CE's in Clinical Supervision workshops with at least 3 hours in Supervision Ethics.
      • You MUST include copies of the CE's
    • Valid CEs must have some variance of the word “supervision” in the title of the workshop.
      • CEs on Administrative Supervision will NOT be accepted.
  • Option B:
    • Attended 6 CE Hours of Clinical Supervision workshops with at least 3 hours in Supervision Ethics AND Presented at least  6 CE hours of Clinical Supervision Workshop(s) / Graduate Supervision Courses taught.    
      • You MUST include copies of the CE's.
    • Valid CEs must have some variance of the word “supervision” in the title of the workshop.
      • CEs on Administrative Supervision will NOT be accepted.
  • Option C:  
  • If your Initial CPCS certification was granted October 1 or later of the odd-numbered year, or you attend a CPCS Track at the LPCA Convention you do not have a CE requirement your first cycle.
  •  CE's from the Initial Application may be used so as to not create an undue financial hardship.  
  • The Ga Composite Board uses a similar policy when you first receive your license.

CE Guidelines:

Review the Licensing Board Rule 135-9 on what are acceptable CEs.

  • Must have some variance of the word “supervision” in the title of the workshop and CAN NOT be about administrative supervision.
  • Addiction supervision workshops are not accepted
  • At least 3 hours must be in Supervision Ethics

Online CEs:

  • 1/3 of the CE's required for renewal may be obtained online (electronically delivered).
    • Option A:  4 CE's maximum
    • Option B:  2 CE's maximum
  • Check out the "Unrecognized CE Providers" before taking any online CEs.  The providers on that page will not be accepted.

Ethics CEs:

  • ALL Ethics CE's must be face-to-face, in-person.  
  • The Ga Composite Board doesn't recognize any form of online Ethics related workshop as "in-person".

CPCS Recertification Application Form

ONLINE FORM   or  doc                   pdf


If you dont use the fast and easy online form, submit the word doc or pdf and documentation to:


Fax:  (404) 475-2014 (only for CPCS)