CE Requirements for CPCS


How to become a Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor (CPCS)
1. Meet and Complete the Requirements: (http://www.LPCAGA.org click Supervisor tab for a drop down menu)
2. Fill out the CPCS application
3. Have your Professional Reference mail their forms to the CPCS Committee. 

Be licensed in Georgia as LPC
(O.C.G.A. 43-10A and Board Rules 135-5-.02)
Degree Must Be in Mental Health- Rule 135-5
Must be licensed in GA as an LPC for at least:*
3 (Three) years or more with a Master’s degree,
2 (Two) years with an EdS in Clinical MH, or
1 (One) year with a Doctoral degree (PhD/EdD) in Clinical MH

If  CURRENTLY Licensed as a Supervisor in the state you are transferring from: 

Must be LPC or LMHC or LPCC, etc, and have a current license as a Supervisor from the state you are transferring from: Must apply with the Licensing board for special exemption. Contact the State for more info: http://sos.ga.gov/index.php/licensing/plb/43

*What degree did you use when applying for licensure?  Must be a Clinical Mental Health Degree

Proof of Supervision Training (3 Options)

Option A: * Preferred Method



*24 LPCA or NBCC approved CE workshops in clinical supervision training (be sure to  check the list of "Unrecognized CE providers for CPCS").  See list below of exactly what each workshop needs to cover .  MUST provide proof of each of the required segments: Foundation, Models, Legal/Ethics, and Specialty
Up to 1/3 of the hours can be distance learning
Addiction Supervision or AAMFT training not accepted 

Option B:

Clinical Supervisor Credential (NBCC/CCE ACS) 

Addiction certification (ACS)/licensure not accepted. 

AAMFT supervisor not excepted.

 CPCS by Endorsement Option:

New to Georgia?

Were you licensed at the highest level in your state for at least 3 years?  Did the GA Licensing Board grant you an LPC?  You may qualify for the CPCS program. 

For Details CLICK HERE 


Total hours for initial approval as a CPCS:  24 hours (see below required categories)

 Changes Effective January 1, 2019 are highlighted below:

Content Areas

Within these topic area, the following must be addressed in some manner (Objectives)

Foundations of Supervision - 6 hours minimum

  • Definition and Role of Supervision
  • The Supervisory Relationship
  • Supervision Models and Approaches

Methods of Supervision - 6 hours minimum

  • Structure of Supervision
  • Supervision Techniques
  • Evaluation of Supervisees

Legal and Ethical Issues in Supervision - 6 hours minimum

  • Licensure Requirements
  • Ethical Issues in Counseling and Supervision
  • Legal Issues in Counseling and Supervision

Specialized/Advanced Techniques in Supervision - 6 hours recommended completing the required 24 CE hours.

Suggested Topics:  Developmental differences such as theoretical orientation, cultural differences, difficulties with supervisees, discipline policies and due process, transference and countertransference.  Genograms, Case Scenarios, Telemental Health Supervision, etc.


CE Requirements For New and Existing CPCS Supervisors

  • ALL workshops CE Certificates /workshop must have:
    • Workshop must be about Clinical Supervision
    • MUST have objectives listed on the CE certificate.  (if they do not, go back to the provider and ask for a new complete certificate.).
    • NOT Accepted:  Employee or addiction supervision or Social Worker, or AAMFT supervision.  
    • Please keep in mind this is about the LPC Scope of Practice.  O.C.G.A. 43-10
    • READ the Law and the RULES:  O.C.G.A. 43-10 and Board Rules 135-5-.01 and 135-5-.02.  www.sos.ga.gov   CLICK Licensing tab.  You need to know how to find your licensing board website.
  • No CE Certificate can have more than 20 CE hours shown.  
    • For training's that are more than one day, a CE certificate should be given for each day to reflect the topic of each day's training, not the topic for the overall training.
  • All Ethics hours must be completed in-person, no electronic delivery accepted (per GA Composite Board Rule 135-9) nor any independent study.
    • Workshop must be about Ethics in SupervisionNOT the general Ethics requirement.  These hours will also count toward the 5 CE hour renewal requirement of the GA Composite Board.
  • Online:
    • Only 1/3 of CEs can be completed electronically (online, webinar, etc.).  No home-independent study courses are excepted.
      • New Applicants - Option A - 8 CEs, Option B - 4 CEs
      • Re-certifications - Option A - 4 CEs, Option B - 2 CEs
  • All CEs must have been completed within the following timelines:
    • New Applicants - CEs must have been completed within the past five (5) years.
    • Re-certifications - CEs must have been completed since the last renewal cycle.
    • Copies of the CE Certificates must be included with all applications.

Note:  If you are uncertain if a CE workshop will count toward your requirement, email the CPCS Committee for pre-approval. Include "CPCS CE Pre-Approval Needed" in the subject line of the email so we will be able to spot your request.  This will save you time/money and the CPCS Committee time, should your workshop not meet the requirements of the CPCS program.

CE requirements for the CPCS Initial Application and Re-certification, go to this link. 

 New Applicant CE Requirements

Option A24 CEs

Required content areas:

  • Legal /Ethical Issues in Supervision — 6 hours minimum
  • Foundations of Supervision — 6 hours minimum
  • Methods of Supervision — 6 hours minimum
  • Specialized/Advanced Techniques in Supervision — should equal at least 6 hours to meet the 24 required.  Hours may be included from this category if other required content areas have been met.
  • Keep in mind you need a total ofl 24 when all the content areas are completed 

Option B12 CEs

Required content areas:

  • Legal /Ethical Issues in Supervision — 6 hours minimum
  • "Best Practices" encourage a diverse range of professional development for supervisors.


  • A PhD, EdD course in Clinical Supervision in the past five (5) years.  
    • Must include a copy of transcript clearly showing coursework.  
    • Internships in Supervision /practicums do not fulfill the requirement per the Ga Composite Board. 

 Recertification CE Requirements

Re-certification Process  Click Here

Option A 12 CEs

Required content areas:

  • Legal /Ethical Issues in Supervision — 3 hours minimum
  • "Best Practices" encourage a diverse range of professional development for supervisors.  Look for workshops about the new license requirements. 
  • Total of 12 hours of CEs of Clinical Supervision training

Option B - 6 CEs

Required content areas:

  • Legal /Ethical Issues in Supervision — 3 hours minimum
  • "Best Practices" encourage a diverse range of professional development for supervisors.
  • Presented at least 6 hours of CE workshops in Clinical Supervision or taught a graduate-level course in Clinical Supervision.
  • Proof of delivery of workshop required.  Complete and sign the Affidavit (page 3) on the renewal form which requires:
    • Title of Clinical Supervision workshop / course
    • LPCA / NBCC CE Certificate #
    • Date
    • Location
    • # of Attendees
    • CEs and Category (Ethics, Foundations, Methods, etc.)