Supervisor Issue or Complaint

The intent of the supervisor complaint process is to provide a place to file a complaint on a CPCS  Supervisor or Supervisee.

The CPCS Committee is working on a remediation options, currently we are only able to accept complaints in reference to CPCS Code of Ethics compliance

* The CPCS Committee has no authority to settle business practices/billing/fee disputes.An option, you may seek legal counsel or a remedy in the civil court arena for issues dealing with business practices/billing/fee disputes is an option. 

Only the Ga Composite Board and/or the Ga Attorney General has authority of licensing.

We strongly encourage anyone with a formal complaint against a supervisor (CPCS, ACS, etc.) to take the necessary steps of filing a complaint with the Ga Composite Board and/or NBCC.  Read more... 

 Supervisor Complaint Process


Complete the Supervisor Complaint form   CLICK HERE


File a supervisor complaint with the Ga Composite Board for PC, SW, and MFT.  (Click Here)

  • Click on the "Submit a Complaint" tab on the right side of the webpage.

  • On the "Search for Professional License" page, click on the "Click here to search and submit a complaint against a person."

    • Click on the "Profession" drop down (pick "Prof. Coun./Soc. Work/Marriage).

    • Input "First Name" and/or "Last Name".

    • Once the name comes up for the LPC, click "Submit Complaint", which is located on the right.

    • You will be prompted to complete the form


File a supervisor complaint with NBCC concerning an ACS or a current LPC providing supervision who may eventually apply to become an ACS. (AT THIS TIME NBCC does not have a complaint system-you can try emailing them)


 Read the GA Composite Board of PC, SW, MFT Code of Ethics