CPCS Re-Activation 


Reinstatement of the CPCS credential:

You may apply for reinstatement by submitting:  

  1. Reinstatement (Re-Activation) application
  2. Reinstatement fee (see section below)
    1. Clinical Member of LPCA: $59 application fee (yearly maintenance fee included in Clinical Membership)
    2. CPCS non-member: $129 application fee + $75 yearly maintenance fee
  3. Any past due fee(s)  (if your Clinical Membership expired 2019--2020 there is a $75 maintenance fee due) 
  4. Must have your CPCS number
  5. 12 hours of CE training in Clinical Supervision which includes at least six (6) hours of Ethics
  6. Take and pass the CPCS Recertification Exam
 CPCS Re-Activation Form Click Here

CE Guidelines:

Review the Licensing Board Rule 135-9 on what are acceptable CEs.

  • Must have some variance of the word “supervision” in the title of the workshop and CANNOT be about administrative supervision.
  • Addiction supervision workshops are not accepted unless preapproved by LPCAGA
  • At least 6 hours must be in Supervision Ethics

Online CEs:

  • Only 1/3 of the CE's required for reactivation may be obtained through Asynchronous learning.
  • Check out the "Unrecognized CE Providers" before taking any online CEs.  The providers on that page will not be accepted.

Ethics CEs:

  • ALL Ethics CE's must be synchronous.  
  • The GA Composite Board doesn't recognize any form of Asynchronous Ethics related workshop.