CPCS Re-certification guidelines for 2020 will be announced/opened at a later date

The Re-certification deadline for 2018 was September 30, 2018

NOTE:  CPCS Maintenance fees for all non LPCA members are due yearly.

Unpaid CPCS fees will result in late fees in addition to Cease and Desist
from using the CPCS if not paid in a timely manner. 

 Re-certification Requirements


Re-certification Application Fee:

  • Recertification is every two years:  DUE by September 30 of even years (2020, 2022, 2024).
  • Late Fee - $25.00 (if submitted Oct. 1 - Dec. 31,2018)
  • Reinstatement Fee:
    • The new Licensing Board rule requiring a CPCS or ACS begins on Oct. 1, 2018
    • THERE IS NO GRANDFATHERING IN.  Everyone will have to comply with the new rule October 1, 2018 (including more supervision hours)
    • Once your certification has expired and the Late Period has passed (Dec. 31, 2018) you will have to reapply and complete a new CPCS application.


 Annual Maintenance Fee:

  • Current Clinical Member of LPCA -- Annual Maintenance fee included in Clinical Membership.
  • Non-Member -- $75.00 per year (Fees can be paid online, Click Here! or Click on the Membership tab) 
  • CPCS Certification Maintenance Fee information: Click Here


 Current GA LPC License:

  •  Provide a copy of your current license that displays "Public Board Orders" (not the wallet card or wall certificate). 


 Renewal Options:

  • Option A:
    • 12 CE's in Clinical Supervision workshops with at least 3 hours in Supervision Ethics.
    • You MUST include copies of the CE's
      • Valid CEs must have some variance of the word “supervision” in the title of the workshop.  OR in the objectives, a description of clinical supervision content. 
      • See list of CE's not accepted*
        • Option B:
          • Attended 6 CE Hours of Clinical Supervision workshops with at least 3 hours in Supervision Ethics AND Presented at least  6 CE hours of Clinical Supervision Workshop(s) / Graduate Supervision Courses taught.    
          • You MUST include copies of the CE's.
            • Valid CEs must have some variance of the word “supervision” in the title of the workshop. OR in the objectives, a description of clinical supervision content. 
            • CEs not accepted, see below*
              • Option C:  
              • If your Initial CPCS certification was granted October 1 or later of the odd-numbered year, or you attend a CPCS Track at the LPCA Convention you do not have a CE requirement your first cycle.
              •  CE's from the Initial Application may be used so as to not create an undue financial hardship.  
              • The Ga Composite Board uses a similar policy when you first receive your license.
  • *CEs that dont count:  CEs on Administrative Supervision (such as related to the running of a business, organization), or Addiction or MFT Supervision, or you taught/attended practicum/internship course, will NOT be accepted. 


CE Guidelines:

Review the Licensing Board Rule 135-9 on what are acceptable CEs.

  • Must have some variance of the word “supervision” in the title of the workshop and CAN NOT be about administrative supervision, or
  • In the objectives, as listed on the certification, a description of clinical supervision content. 
  • Addiction, MFT supervision, workshops that are not about clinical supervision are not accepted
  • At least 3 hours must be in Supervision Ethics

Online CEs:

  • 1/3 of the CE's required for renewal may be obtained online (electronically delivered).
    • Option A:  4 CE's maximum
    • Option B:  2 CE's maximum
  • Check out the "Unrecognized CE Providers" before taking any online CEs.  The providers on that page will not be accepted.

Ethics CEs:

  • ALL Ethics CE's must be face-to-face, in-person.  
  • The Ga Composite Board doesn't recognize any form of online Ethics related workshop as "in-person".


CPCS Recertification Application Form