CPCS Related Fees
The following are fees / costs related to the CPCS program:

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 Clinical Member of 


Application Fee (click here to pay) @ $169.00  PLUS *Yearly Maintenance   
Recertification Fee @ $75.00 +
Listing in the CPCS Directory (pay below)
Expanded contact detailed information listed on the website.
@ $50.00    
Decorative Wall Certificate  (pay below) @ $15.00   
Advertising Fee for Newsletter(Mar, June, Sept, Dec)
To advertise supervisory services in the LPCA newsletter.
$100.00 * $180.00 **
Late Renewal -- Oct. 1-Dec. 31 (see below) $25.00++    $25.00 ++
Reinstatement Fee -- Jan. 1-Mar. 31 (see below) $50.00 ^  $100.00 ^^
Decorative Wall Certificate (Replacement)
A decorative wall certificate suitable for framing with your name and date you became a CPCS.
$15.00     $15.00   

@  Included in Clinical membership.  Does not apply to Associate, Affiliate, or Retired memberships.

+   Non-Member annual maintenance fee is due each year by Sept. 30.

*   Member cost is per newsletter issue.  

** Non-Member advertising in the newsletter requires payment for all 4 issues.

++ Recertification between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31 for Both Clinical Members and Non-Members

^   If recertification is more than 90 days late, a reinstatement fee will be charged. 

^^ Recertification after Jan. 1, allowed once for Non-Member.  After that, Non-Member will have to re-apply to the CPCS program.

 CPCS Related Fees Payment Form
Questions about fees should be directed to CPCS@LPCAGA.org.