How long will the on-demand courses be available?   The on-demand workshops will be available until May 18. Use the drop-down link for "On-Demand" Convention Workshops under the the "Convention" Tab.

How will you know I watched an on-demand workshop?  GoToWebinar requires you to “register” by typing in your name and email.  USE the email that is the same one as list on your profile.  In other words, if you use a different name or email we will not be able to assist you with evaluation, CEs, etc.as quickly. 

When will I get my Evaluation(s) for on-demand?  Evaluations / CE Certificates will be sent out starting May 20.  Due to COVID we can NOT send evaluations daily.  They will be sent out in batches.

 I can  NOT open the CE Certificate   Download and Save the pdf, that will give you more options to print, if you need it later.  Keep in mind when you renew your license you do not need to submit CEs unless you are audited.

Why is no one responding to my email?    Normally for our conventions we have the 26 Board of Directors, who are volunteers, and at least 25 or more students’ volunteers to assist LPCA staff.  Due to Social distancing, and not being in the huge convention center there are only 4 people here.  Therefore, due to COVID-19, we simply do not have enough people or time to return any emails that are requesting information that is already posted on our website.

I need my CE certificate for…The evaluation must be complete (all 17 questions) in order to receive the CE Certificate.

 I am not getting emails.   We communicate with you by the email address you provided when registering for the convention.

 How can I find email messages that LPCA has sent out?   To view messages, invoices, change your profile information and workshops you have signed up for:

  1. Visit www.LPCAGA.org
  2. Click “Login” to the right of the LPCA logo. 
  3. Your login is your email address
  4. Enter your password, if you don’t remember, simply click “Forgot Password” an email will be sent to you with a link to reset.
  5. Once logged in under the “Name Tag” area, click “My Profile”.
  6. On the next screen, above your  “photo” section, you will see “My Profile” (again)
  7. Move your mouse over the My Profile for the drop-down menu.
  8. You will see options for submissions, messages from LPCA such E-newsletters, invoices, payments, etc.

 Wishing everyone the very best, we are looking forward to seeing you again soon.