Allowing associations to once again offer Special Group rates to members is being debated in Congress. Make sure your Membership is up to date so you receive the notice of the pending new Law on Health Insurance. 


Professional Liability Insurance is available through CPH & Associates with a discount for LPCA members!

Benefits include:
• Coverage for both individual practitioners and those with business entities
• Affordable rates for Students and Post-Masters Interns/Associates
• 10% Risk Management Discount for completing law & ethics CEUs
• Apply Online and receive 5% off your premium
• Up to 2 free hours of attorney phone consultation for malpractice questions
• Portable, lifetime coverage

For more information and to complete the online application, please visit

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CPH can be contacted by phone at: 800-875-1911 and at the  CPH& Associates Website    

NOTE:  In fifteen (15) years of working with CPH & Association, LPCA has not received one single complaint.  We have received feed-back about the support our members have received from CPH & Association.  Worried about saving ?, CPH is competitively priced and when you need help, remember an attorney can cost up to $450 an hour.  



Need Insurance - Home, on land, on water, Auto, Motorcycle, they have it all!   If the link is not working, please cut and paste this link into your browser :

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