Legislative Update Diagnose for Professional Counselors

GA Senate Bill 319- Diagnose for Counselors is passed into law. 2016 LPCA successful worked with our Lawmakers to add the word "Diagnose" to your Scope of Practice, the law. O.C.G.A. 43-10A.
Why did we need to have the word diagnose added to the Professional Counselor law? In Georgia, Counselors were using the words "diagnostic impressions". The Federal Government now requires the word diagnose to be in the law under the Scope of Practice. Late in 2015 Insurance companies, with state and/or government contracts, discovered that LPCs could no longer be reimbursed without the word diagnose in their scope of practice.
LPCA was informed on December 23, 2015 that sites were closing down, by late January eighty-one (81) providers / companies were schedule to be audited and any using LPCs would be disqualified. Private practitioners would be the next to be denied insurance reimbursement. The first site audited was instructed to cease all work by LPC, and for 2015 would be disallowed. It was easy to see hundreds of LPCs losing their jobs and incomes. The first site served 600- 800 DFACs and Foster Care children. Not only were LPCs losing jobs/income but hundreds of our children were now at risk.

LPCA’s volunteers and Staff spent hundreds of hours at the capitol with lawmakers, all the while, GPA-psychologist association and NASWGA worked to stop our Senate Bill 319. Although our colleagues in the field were supportive, their professional associations worked around the clock to stop and/or hi-jack our legislation. The LPCA Senate Bill 319 started out as one page with one word – diagnose.
Thanks to the strength of Senator Lester Jackson, who carried/sponsored our SB 319 “Because it was the right thing to do.”, Senator Renee Unterman, Chairperson of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, Senator Greg Kirk, Senator Fran Milner, and non-stop efforts of our Lobbyist, Julianna McConnell, the legislation passed.

LPCA spend the two years working with the Licensing Board, the GA Composite Board of PC, SW, MFT, to create reasonably priced DSM-5 Training as required by the new law.  That sentence, requiring a diagnose course was inserted by NAWGA, only originally the sentence stated only Counselors were required to have diagnose education/training.  But lawmakers changed the word “counselors” to all those licensed under the Ga Composite Board. If you do not have a diagnose course listed on your transcript there are still some options to get the training.  Please contact LPCA for additional information. 

This is why it is so important to be a member of LPCA – Advocacy!  While you are working helping clients, LPCA is  the only one working to protect your career. 

Your Voice is NEEDED.  How will you and your clients be affected by THC Medical Oil Access (clients, dispensing, and growers and access)READ House Bill 65  

LPCs, thanks to LPCA you now have PARITY so you can continue to accept insurance and practice. 

APRIL 26, 2018 We brought you the right to "diagnose" and to sign the "10-13" emergency transport form.

Read the new Law:  This effects YOU.    Do you use Assessment tools, or take insurance?  READ THE LAW

"...All persons licensed must have proof of DSM training..."  Licensing Board Rule


Read House Bill HB999  About releasing http://www.legis.ga.gov/Legislation/20172018/175621.pdf

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READ THE NEW LAW, Senate Bill 319 CLICK HERE or use this link:  http://www.legis.ga.gov/Legislation/en-US/display/20152016/SB/319

  LICENSING BOARD:  The Georgia Composite Board of PC, SW, MFT:  

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