Online CE Workshops Available 

LPCA Webinar Series:  Did you miss the live presentation?  Want to view online? (Licensing Board rule 135-9 states up to 10 CE hours online)

How to view the online workshops and be granted the CEs:   


  Old Rules, New Rules, Which Rules by Gale Macke, CEO and Eric Rodgers, MA

"They provided clear information and additional resources to navigate through the process of obtaining licensure." 


    Trauma Mental Health Competency by Melinda R. Paige, PhD, LPC, CPCS, NCC

 "Great presentation, so detailed.  Worth the time..." S.C.

Dr. Paige, nationally recognized Trauma Competency expert, with twenty years of clinical experience serving survivors of trauma as well as trauma mental health training and consultation experience. Melinda Paige is the founder of the Trauma Competency Institute as well as the subject matter expert for trauma impact and counseling curricula. Click to view on-demand recording... 


  Emotional Support Animals- Issues for Counselors to Consider by Tracy Hall, LPC

"This is not about not wanting people to have support animals, but rather about our responsibility as clinicians when making recommendations and writing documentation for people to obtain ESAs."  Click to view on-demand recording...


Life After Graduation program - Supervision and Best Practice ©

"As a supervisee, I found the importance of log keeping and documentation to be the most beneficial."


Improving Client Retention and Outcomes by George S. Braucht, LPC, CPCS & CARES.

Promoting the integration of recovery-oriented, client-directed, and outcome-informed services that improve retention and outcomes while providing practice-based evidence of service delivery system effectiveness.