CPCS Requirements

How difficult is it to become a Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor, CPCS?

Here is what one applicant said:  "Thank you--I mailed all my information early this week. Great job on reminders and your list of workshops to make continued supervision/training possible." LM

Requirements for the CPCS:

  • Licensure as an LPC in Georgia
  • The certification requires that the LPC has been held in GA for a certain period of time. (This policy is independent of the GA Composite Board Rules). The period of time is solely determined by the graduate degree that was used to obtain the LPC, even if a higher degree was later obtained*. 
    • 3 years or more with a Master's degree
    • 2 years with a Specialist degree (EdS in Clinical Mental Health)
    • 1 year with a Doctoral degree (PhD/EdD in Mental Health) after degree has been conferred
  • *What degree did you put on your LPC application?  If you used your Masters degree to get your LPC you must wait THREE (3) years to supervise.
  • Application fee of $169.00 **   
    • Note: This fee is waived if you are a current Clinical member of LPCA.
  • Training Requirements -- Click Here
  • Please allow up to 7-10 days from the receipt of your completed application & your payment for the CPCS Committee to complete the review.  You will be emailed once the review is processed. 
  • The certification is valid for 2 years and must be recertified by Sept. 30 of even-numbered years (regardless of when the certification was issued). This correlates with the LPC renewal cycle established by the Ga Composite Board. 
Application: Online Only CLICK HERE 
Application Submissions:  Online:   Click Here

Application Payments:

  • Application fee is $169.00 for nonmembers.  
  • The application fee is waived for current LPCA Clinical Members