Have you served on your Universities LPCA SAO (Student Affiliate Organization) Board? Or Volunteer with LPCA? If you are a member of LPCA-SAO. you can obtain your graduation Regalia by completing one of the following:

Graduation Regalia Option and Requirements
• Cords
o Attend Three (3) LPCA or SAO Board Meetings or Composite Board meetings
o Complete Five (5) hours of volunteer work at a LPCA/EVENT or the LPCA Convention
o Serve on a LPCA or SAO Committee

• Stole 

  • Student Counselor of the Year or 
  •  LPCA-SAO Leadership Role (Serve in a leadership position at your school or on the LPCA Board of Directors) AND
  •  Attend three(3) LPCA Board of Directors Meetings or  Attend three (3) Composite Board Meetings with LPCA

STOLE: LPCA-SAO Leadership President

LPCA Never Charges Students to Volunteer at our Convention or Events and for each day you volunteer attend another day at no charge*  

No CE are given to students, this program is not for those who are licensed as LPCs or LAPC. Students volunteering will receive a certification of appreciation to turn into school. Read more...

Questions?  [email protected] or give us a call to come into the LPCA office to volunteer 770-449-4547