Have you served on your Universities LPCA SAO (Student Affiliate Organization) Board? Or Volunteer with LPCA? If you are a member of LPCA-SAO. you can obtain your graduation Regalia by completing one of the following:

• Serve in a leadership position at your school
• Attend at least four (4) LPCA-SAO Events or Meetings
• Attend three(3) LPCA Board of Directors Meetings
• Attend three (3) Composite Board Meetings with LPCA
• Complete Five (5) hours of volunteer work at a LPCA/EVENT
• Volunteer at the LPCA Convention or Serve on an SAO/LPCA Committee
• Become a LPCA Student Representative

STOLE: LPCA-SAO Leadership President

Please contact [email protected] for more details! Remember there is still time to volunteer to work at the LPCA 30th Annual Convention and Regional Conference.

LPCA Never Charges Students to Volunteer and for each day you volunteer attend another day at no charge*

No CE are given to students, this program is not for those who are licensed as LPCs or LAPC. Students volunteering will receive a certification of appreciation to turn into school. Read more...