LPCs may use any assessment tools they are educated and trained to use. O.C.G.A. 43-39-7(9)

LPCA's legislation added the word "diagnose" to your scope of practice. Do not use the words "diagnostic impression" 
You May Not Diagnose Autism ADHS, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc.   Best Practice - Refer Out   

Composite Board of PC, SW, MFT -  YOUR Licensing board is working on the 2018-2020 revised rules for license and CEs:  Proposed:

  • CE rules Committee changes to 2018-2020
  • Related Hours are changing
  • No more reading and answering the quiz in a  magazine
  • Webinars are still ONLINE and not "in person" CEs
  • Who can give Approval workshops for CEs
  • DIRECTED Experience site clarified 
  • NO DUAL relationships 
  • NO relationships between your Director and or Supervisor of any kind
  • Exam extensions eliminated
  • Fees for "special requests" increasing