Who Can Be A CPCS Based on Ga Composite Board Rules?

Who is qualified to be a clinical supervisor?  Who can be a CPCS? 

GA Composite Board Rules 135-5-.01 and 135-5-.02 define who can be a clinical supervisor, including what experience, credentials, and full licensure are required to provide clinical supervision services in the State of Georgia.  

Generally you must be licensed as an LPC for a minmum of three (3) years. 

Don't take the workshops early - make sure you meet Rule 135-5-.02 before signing up for the CPCS Training. 

LPCA of GA offers a certification in clinical supervision for qualified LPC supervisors called the Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor(CPCS).  The CPCS is not available for LCSW, LMFT, or Licensed Psychologist. per the Licensing Board rules. 

This credential indicates that the LPC meets the GA Composite Board standards rules and laws to be a clinical supervisor and that they also have acquired additional training and education in the area of clinical supervision.

  There are specific requirements that must be met prior to sending in your CPCS application.

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The purpose of the Guidelines for Clinical Supervision training is to ensure the competence of the Clinical Supervisor, which ensures quality services, and protects the welfare of clients.  The CPCS training is very specific to Professional Counseling, just as AAMFT training is very specific to LMFTs.  This explains why other disciplines programs are not accepted; AAMFT and Addiction Supervision training is not accepted for the CPCS Program.  The competent clinical supervisor must embrace not only the domain of mental health counseling, but also the domains of client service and trainee development. The competent clinical supervisor must not only comprehend how these various knowledge bases are connected, but understand Georgia Law and Georgia Composite Board rules, policies, and regulations of the profession. 


Please allow 7-10 working days for completed applications to be reviewed
(which means we must have your References before your application is reviewed)

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