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Weekly Wisdom.. Renew, Restore & Rediscover A Better You... A Self-Help Journal Volume 1

Author: Don E. Miller, LPC CAMF CPCS CGS

Publisher: The E Effect Publishing

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Cost: $15.00 + Shipping and Handling

Brief Description:  . It is a great tool for professional counselors to utilize with their clients as well as for themselves. Weekly wisdom is designed to help an individual to take an introspective view of their life as well as provide support and encouragement. It is also designed to create a better self-image along with empowering an individual to rediscover their hopes and dreams. The journal portion of the book provides a way for individuals  to capture thoughts along with planning goals. 


A Clinical Guide to Treating Behavioral Addictions

Author: Amanda Giordano, PhD, LPC

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

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Brief description: Although behavioral addictions (e.g., internet gaming, sex, food, pornography, gambling, social media, non-suicidal self-injury) are prevalent among clients, many counselors did not receive ample training with regard to treating these addictive behaviors. To meet this need, Dr. Amanda Giordano wrote a comprehensive guide detailing the conceptualization, neuroscience, assessment, diagnostic considerations, and treatment of eleven behavioral addictions. Additionally, there are chapters describing the evolving definition of addiction, the neuroscience of addiction, and advocacy for addicted populations. The book also includes "Voices from the Field" sections in which clinicians who specialize in each behavioral addiction share their experience. Get your copy today!


True Psychology: The Science of Building Psychological Resilience Through Cognitive Reappraisal

Author: Galen Cole, PhD, MPH, LPC, WCP, CPCS

Publisher: Aphalon Firth, Atlanta, GA

Purchase Price: $14.99 softcover

Book is available in hard copy and electronic formats on and other online book retailers.

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 Precious Time: The Psychology of Effective Parenting with Parenting  Plans

  Author: Galen Cole, PhD, MPH, LPC, WCP, CPCS

  Publisher:  Aphalon Firth, Atlanta, GA

  Purchase Price: $14.95 softcover

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 Life Script Restructuring: The Neuroplastic Psychology for Rewiring  Your Brain and Changing Your Life

 Author: Galen Cole, PhD, MPH, LPC, WCP, CPCS

 Publisher:   Aphalon Firth, Atlanta, GA

 Purchase Price: $12.98 softcover

 Book is available in hard copy and electronic formats on and other online book retailers.

 Page count: 215

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 Conversing With Death

 Author: Kevin Quiles

 Publisher: Infinity Publishing, 2013

 Number of pages:  138

 Order: or

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 Colts and Fillies

 Author: Susan B. Jung, M.Ed., Ed.S. and Dixie Cowles, M.Ed.

 Publisher: Winning Strides, 2009

 Purchase Price: $35.00

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 Change You: A Scientific Approach to Recovery from Bad Habits and  Addictions

   Author: Galen Cole, PhD, LPC, CPCS   (LPCA Member) 
    Publisher:   Aphalon Firth, Atlanta, GA
    Purchase Price: $7.92 softcover 

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 Fox Hollow

 Author - Jo Ellen Oliver (pen name is Jillian Wright) 

 Publisher: Authorhouse Publishing Company, 2009

 Purchase price-$10.00

 Available from (also in e-book)

Page Count - 152

This fiction book is a mystery-romance staged in the 50’s and 60's in a simpler period of time, but it deals with the serious subject of mental illness.


 The Man Under the Bridge

 Author - Jo Ellen Oliver (pen name is Jillian Wright)

 Publisher - Authorhouse Publishing Company, 2009

 Purchase price - $10.00

Available from or Jo Ellen Oliver; 1131Millstone Run; Watkinsville, GA 30677

Page Count - 124

Although fiction, this book is based on interviews with homeless people and is intended to shed some light on their thoughts and feelings.


 Living Life Through Words: The Inspirational Writings of Kim McNair

 Author - Kim McNair

 Publisher - Balboa Press, a division of Hay House, 2011

 Purchase Price - $9.95

 Available -, Balboa, Barnes and (softcover, E-book, and Kindle)

 Page Count - 92

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 Please Share the Door I'm Freezing! Creating Oneness in Marriage 

 Authors - Donna E. Lane, Ph.D. and W. David Lane, Ph.D. 

 Publisher - Catawba Publishing, 2009

 Purchase Price - $15.99

 Available from (softcover and Kindle)

 Page count- 153

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 From Charm to Harm: The Guide to Spotting, Naming, and Stopping  Emotional Abuse in Intimate Relationships

 Author: Amy Lewis Bear (LPCA Member)

 Publisher: Balboa Press, an imprint of Hay House, 2014

 Purchase Price: $15.99 softcover

 Book is available in hard copy and electronic formats on and other online book retailers.

 Page count: 215

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 Gold Stone: Phoenix Beginnings 

 Authors - W. David Lane, Ph.D. and Donna E. Lane, Ph.D.

 Publisher - Regeneration Writers Press, 2014

 Purchase Price - $14.95

 Available from or Barnes and Noble. (hardcover or Kindle)

 Page Count - 27

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