Authors' Corner 

 An example of “creative membership offerings” by the “Most Outstanding State Association” in the USA. We are excited to offer this additional benefit which makes LPCA member authors accessible to the LPCA GA membership and the general public. We invite all member authors to join the “Authors’ Corner” as we showcase the “creative talents” of LPCA GA authors. View Books

“Authors’ Corner” Book Committee, Kimberly McNair, LPC - Chair – “Authors’ Corner” Darrell Brooks, LPC - Chair – LPCA GA Continuing Education,Jasmine Brown – VP of LPC-SAO Argosy University 

Author’s Corner Guidelines & Submission 


  • Books must be authored by the LPCA member.
  • LPCA GA does not provide endorsement of member authors.
  • LPCA GA does not guarantee book sales for the authors.
  • No fees are associated with the new benefit.
  • 'LPCA GA Regional Convention Bookstore’ – only LPCA convention
    attendees may sell books, each author is responsible for all aspects of his/her transactions.
  • Books to be considered for sale at the regional conventions must be submitted to the book
    committee by the established deadline.
  • Participation in the “Authors’ Corner” and all aspects of the new benefit is on a voluntary basis.
  • Books may be fictional or non-fictional and should either contribute to professional skill
    development, promote quality living, provide a resource, or be fun and entertaining.


To submit a book for inclusion in “Authors’ Corner”, please email [email protected] an electronic copy of the cover in jpg, tif, or pdf format at 300 dpi, author’s name, cost, page count, a brief synopsis of the book, publisher and year of publication, and where to purchase the book (please limit purchase information to a maximum of three sources)
Counseling for Change
John Doe
ABC Publishing Company, 2015
Purchase Price - $10
Available from
Page count – 110
Followed by Your name, address, phone, email, website, any other additional contact data.

Tips for Aspiring Authors 

 Words to Help!

 Authors Spotlights

 From Charm to Harm: The Guide to Spotting, Naming, and Stopping Emotional Abuse in Intimate Relationships.

 - Amy Lewis Bear

 Living Life Through Words: the Inspirational Writings of Kim McNair

 -Kim McNair