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GA Licensure Information

2022 Law Changes

2022  Licensure Law -  HB 972 Signed by Governor Kemp!!!



  • Combines all Masters and Ed.S degrees into the same post-master requirements
  • Requires at least a 60-hour degree program (or 90 quarter-hours)
  • Personal Reference Requirement Removed
  • Two years of DWE/Supervision vs three (3) years
  • Clarifies that LAPC/APC are both acceptable
  • Increase fines for using terms PC, SW, MFT if not licensed by Composite Board.

To view the PowerPoint presentation from the May 27, 2022 Townhall on The Law and PC Compact:  Click Here


The Changes in the Licensure Law Only applies to individuals who are seeking to become an LPC.  If you are already an LPC, these changes and new requirements do not apply to you.

Can supervisees have two different supervisors at the same time to meet the new hour requirement?

Yes, an LAPC/APC may have more than one supervisor at a time.  However, there must be a completed Contract Affidavit for each Clinical Supervisor.

Can you re-explain the verbiage of moving "APC" to "LAPC?"

An Associate Professional Counselor is a license. You can refer to an Associate Professional Counselor as a Licensed Associate Professional Counselor  You may use the Acronym of APC or LAPC.

Did you say references will no longer be required?  

Beginning July 2, 2022, References will no longer be part of the application process.

Will the changes take effect immediately?  Meaning anyone who graduates after July 1 will automatically be under the new rule or will it go into effect at the board on a later date?

The new rules will apply to new applicants beginning July 1, 2022.  Current APCs are expected to be allowed to proceed for some time under the old rules.

Will a current APC be able to apply after 24 months (if they have the DWE hours and supervision hours) or is this only for new APCs?

Current APCs will be able to apply after 24 months if they meet the DWE and Clinical Supervision hours.

What is the DSM Course Requirement? 

The DSM/Psychopathology Course has been a requirement since 2016.  It is known as many different things including Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, and 15 other titles under the CACREP purview.  If you received your Master's Degree from a CACREP Accredited program post-2016, you would have received this as part of your Curriculum.  Again, the DSM Course Requirement does not apply to individuals who already hold their LPC.

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