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LPCA invites editorial submissions to the Newsletter LPCA CONNECTIONS from current LPCA members pertaining to mental health in the following areas:  (please include photos-the Editor loves photos with articles)

  • Clinical practice
  • Education of EM residents, off-service residents, medical students, and fellows
  • Faculty development
  • Politics and economics as they pertain to mental health
  • General announcements and notices
  • Reports on meetings and other events
  • Business: How to start a practice, get on insurance panel, etc
  • Book Review of: an Evidence-Based Practice, Journal Article or Website
  • Ethical Issues-can also be a case study
  • Tips for new graduates
  • Telehealth-all aspects and can also be a case study
  • Supervision all aspects and can be a case study
  • Burnout and Vicarious Trauma-can also be a case study
  • DSM-5 and Diagnosis-can also be a case study
  • Other pertinent topics

SUBMISSION DEADLINES Click here to submit your article  READ DETAILS BELOW
Submission deadlines for articles and advertisements for the Newsletter, which is published four times a year are as follows:
• March/April issue – March 10 (publication date: Mar. 20)
• June/July issue – June 10 (publication date: June 30)
• September/October issue – September 10 (publication date: Sept. 30)
• December/January issue – December 10 (publication date: Jan 5)

• Materials may be submitted for consideration for publication in the LPCA Newsletter. Email: LPCA@LPCAGA.org.
• Include the name(s) and affiliations of author(s), and two (2) means of contact, such as a phone number and email address.
• Please send your submission and all relevant attachments (photos, tables, etc.) In one email message. Failure to do so could delay or disqualify your submission.
SUBMISSION GUIDELINES-Following these guidelines will ensure that the editors can view your submission and publish it without any technical issues. The editors reserve the right to edit submissions for style and clarity.

Submissions should
• Be copy ready (with proper grammar, spelling, etc.)
• Have a title in all caps
• Have a byline: author’s name, email address, affiliation, city, country
• Have a 50-word teaser (abstract-optional).
• Have a 2- to 3-sentence bio at the end for each author
• Approx 500 + or - words (including tables and citations).
• Contain no more than five citations
• Be formatted in microsoft word (.doc or .docx) or notepad (.txt or .rtf)
• No photos or other graphics embedded in the word file. Photos and other graphics should be submitted in the same email message as the text.
Pictures - we want your "selfie"
• Please do not embed photos, figures, and other graphics in the text of the submission. Include each one in a separate file instead.
• Please include photo captions and, if you have them, photographer credits. Please include the names of each person appearing in the photo whenever possible.
• Please submit a head-shot of yourself (alone) with your article (in the same message).


• Respect the copyright of others online as scrupulously as you would in print.
• All submissions must accurately and completely credit their sources, including student material and online sources.
• Copyright rules apply to online as well as published content.
• Respect fair use and the intellectual property rights of others. For a full copyright FAQs, please visit the US Copyright official website
• Reproducing tables and figures from published and online sources requires more than a citation. Authors usually need to secure written permission from the copyright holder to reproduce them.
• Newsletter authors retain their copyright. Please include email addresses with bylines to enable readers to contact authors for permission to reprint their articles.