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LPCs and Future LPCs your profession is under attack.  SB 319 adds one word "diagnose" to LPCs Law.  It is what you are already doing.  NASWGA has come out in opposition and joined with the Georgia Psychological Association, GPA, to mislead the Democrats into voting against us. Testimony click here.   LPCA EDUCATION The TRUTH Click HERE for TRUTH

YOU ARE UNDER ATTACK PROTECT YOUR FUTURE Click for What to do to keep your JOB.  

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MISSION STATEMENT: The Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia, Inc., LPCA is dedicated to the profession and the professionalism of Counselors in Georgia.

LPCA is recognized as the Most Outstanding State Association in the USA by the American Mental Health Counselors Association, AMHCA.  LPCA is a state chapter of AMHCA, a division of ACA.

LPCA is the voice for professional counselors in Georgia and we have a dedicated team that is hard working, creative, and caring.  Join Us

Continuing Education

LPCA offers free or discounted Continuing Education workshops to members.

The Continuing Education Chair and Committee develops policy and program recommendations to ensure the highest possible quality for clinical training programs and clinical educational opportunities for the mental health professional.

In addition LPCA of Georgia keeps you informed of the various workshops  by providers available throughout the state of Georgia.

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