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Awards & Nominations

Clinical Supervision Chair shall form a committee to perform such duties as may be determined by the Board of Directors and to promote clinical supervision through the governance and/or by policy, promote best practice, and help resolve supervision issues.  In addition, adopt sound, ethical, and legal governance, and other duties.  The committee shall coordinate with legal counsel and the CEO.

 Communications Director Chair shall form a committee to Coordinating rapid-response crisis communications.  Assist in planning events such as town halls, panel discussions and press conferences. Handling media relations, such as the Association publications, and promoting the Association and its members via social media.

 Continuing Education Chair shall form a committee to approve policy for continuing education programs that provide core hours and ethics hours, and assist in other training for the members of the Association. The committee shall coordinate with the Board of Directors, Committee Chairs and district representatives in making plans for the Annual Business Meeting and district workshops. Continuing education chair will assist District Representatives activities and provide reports to the executive committee.

 Professional Development Chair shall form a committee to work with the Board, District Reps, and volunteers to develop an annual calendar of professional development programming to help members develop the skills and thew networks necessary to meet their professional goals.  Promote membership in the Association; provide information regarding the benefits of membership; and assist the District Representatives in recruiting members including from among eligible professionals and students.

 President Elect: This position will require at least 10-15 hours per week.

 What we do need and ask of you.  Speak with “one voice” as an LPCA Board member you assume the face of the organization and the profession.  We all have personal opinion, all board members required to sign an agreement they will speak in unison, on issues the LPCA Board of Directors votes, as this is the public voice of LPCA.

Other expectations: Attend meetings (LPCA board, state, licensing, MH, and others meeting as possible), speak to others on behalf of LPCA, invite your colleagues to join, answers emails, and volunteer to help your fellow board member on their projects. We all have very busy lives and the work that LPCA accomplishes is by the team.

  • Four (4) Board Meetings per year.  July, October, February, April and we hope you join us at the annual convention.
  • Attend the LPCA convention, (see the reimbursement policy).
  • Answer emails from the LPCA (Your input is one of the guides of the profession of counseling).
  • One Newsletter Article per year (does not need to be written by you).
  • Four (4) Board Reports (who you talked to about LPCA, members you helped, and events you hosted or attended).

Leadership Orientation:  The Transitional Board Meeting will be set this summer by the Presidents. The meeting will start at 10:00 am and end at 12:00 pm.

BOARD Meetings:  The LPCA Board of Directors meet four times a year plus the convention.  In person meetings are preferred, more work gets done.  Meetings are at the LPCA office.   The Board Meetings run from 10:00 AM. to NOON.  Email your report at least a week before the meeting. If you read your report at the board meeting you don’t get any extra points or cookies (creates too much work for staff).

24/7 Access:  Check the website for updated schedules, calendars, board contact list, FAQs,, under About Us tab, click Leadership

Candidate Qualifications Criteria 

AWARD Nominations (see list below)

George C. Podein Counselor of the Year

Recognizes an outstanding Licensed Professional Counselor in Georgia who has:

  • Made outstanding contributions to the profession of counseling;
  • Shown selfless dedication to the mental health and well-being of Georgians;
  • Excelled in the mental health profession as a clinician;
  • Maintained the highest degree of integrity and ethics in his/her practice;
  • Advanced the growth and reputation of the field as evidenced by his/her clinical practice.
Counselor Educator of the Year - CEOY

Recognizes an individual who is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Counselor Educator in Georgia who has:

  • Made significant contributions to the counseling profession in academic, research, supervision and/or professional leadership;
  • Shown dedication to the success and professional growth of his/her students, interns, advisees and/or other counselors;
  • Maintained the highest degree of integrity and ethics within the educational environment;
  • Excelled in the mental health profession as an educator.
Student Counselor of the Year - SCOY

Recognizes a graduate student currently enrolled in a counseling program in Georgia (or a recent graduate) who has:

  • Made significant contributions to the counseling profession in academic, research, practicum/internship placement, and/or LPCA Student Affiliate Organization activities;
  • Shown dedication and excellence in his/her counseling coursework; Served as an ambassador between students, professors, and counselors;
  • Demonstrated leadership within the educational environment;
  • Worked diligently toward becoming a licensed professional counselor in Georgia and improving the mental health of Georgians.
John C. Burns III Lifetime Achievement Award

Recognizes an outstanding individual in the counseling profession who has:

  • Demonstrated leadership within the counseling profession during his/her career;
  • Promoted  the profession of counseling and the LPCA organization and mission to key constituencies and decision makers;
  • Worked to educate the counseling community, general public, and legislative community on the importance of mental health care and the use of LPCs;
  • Shown dedication to the responsible growth of the counseling profession and the LPCA.
Linda Painter Service Award
  • Be a member in good standing with LPCA-GA. Demonstrate leadership qualities of an exceptional nature.
  • Effectively integrate experience with education in an outstanding effort to help people, a mentor example.
  • Show a willingness to take risks for improved clinical supervision.
  • Enlist public support for improved mental health services.
  • Represent the professional ethics of Counselors.
  • Show repeated outstanding achievements and contributions with a lasting impact & outstanding creativity and courage
Annette Bowling Lifetime Advocacy Award

Recognizes an outstanding individual who works alongside or in coordination with mental health professionals who has:

  • Built relationships with legislators and mental health decision makers on behalf of the counseling profession to influence law and public policy;
  • Promoted  the LPCA organization and mission to key media outlets and legislators;
  • Worked selflessly to improve the mental health and well-being of all Georgians;
  • United different constituencies to advance the state of mental health in Georgia;
  • Has shown strong dedication to individuals who potentially or currently benefit from mental health professionals.
Humanitarian Award

Recognizes an outstanding individual in the community who has:

  • Made a significant impact in the lives of Georgians who are in need of assistance;
  • Shown service and dedication to communities in Georgia;
  • Demonstrated leadership in his/her field of expertise;
  • Promoted mental and overall health using traditional and/or non-traditional methods.

 Thank you for nominating!

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